Big summative (2)

1) Choose the correct variant. -
The police using the information from the CCTV cameras … serious crimes.
I- catch II-save III-investigate IV- record
a) 1,2 b) 1,3 c) 3,4 d) 2,3
2) Which word is not invention?
a) penicillin b) light-bulb c) thermometer d) land
3) Join the words beneath according their definition:
Alexander Fleming – text messaging Felix Hoffman – light-bulb
Sanctorius – penicillin I.Newton – aspirin
Nokia company – thermometer T.A.F.Edison – gravity
4) Who is Azerbaijanian scientific?
a) Bill Gates b) Ray Tomlinson c) Helen Keller d) Lotfi Zadeh
5) Which word is explain the word combination “ disability of seeing” ?
a) braille b) congestion c) deaf d) blind
6) Who is absent in children’s card ?
a) Aygun b) Lale c) Murad d) Aygul
7) Which symbol is charachterized FFI ?

8) Find out the world religions:
a) Christianity b) Hinduism c) Islam d) Tolerant
9) Choose the Goodwill Ambassador member of UNESCO and ISESCO ?
a) Shakira b) D.Beckham c) M.Teresa d) M.Aliyeva
10) Choose the correct forms: - Everybody must help … .
a) poor b) the poor c) the rich d) a few poor
11) How many countries are there in Great Britain ?
a) 5 b) 4 c) 3 d) 2
12) Which organization does go in for problems of Nagorno Garabagh ?
a) OSCE b ) NATO c) UN d) GUAM
13) You can visit Santa Monica in … .
a) Athens b) Rio De Janeiro c) Los Angeles d) Rome
14) Where are the Petronas Towers situated ?
a) in New York b) in Chicago c) in Shanghai d) in Kuala Lumpur
15) Aborigens had lived in … for at least 40.000 years ago.
a) Malaysia b) Australia c) Polyneysia d) Oceania
16) Burj Khalifa skyscraper is in … .
a) Dubai b) Bangkok c) Koh Samui d) Petra Jordan
17) The fifth stage of sleeping is called … .
a) Golden Oldie b) remedy c) REM d) eyes
18) Which word is going with the preposition “ by “ ?
a) be nervous b) be surprised c) be angry d) be scared
19) Found out the name of diseaster among these words:
a) nutrient b) calculate c) diet d) fingernails spot
20) Translate: -

1) The observation wheel erected on the bank of the River Thames
Is more than double the height of Big Ben!_____________________________________
2) The US press plays an important part in the business of government ; the press
conference is an American invention .___________________________________________
3) “ Special Theory of Relativity” gave the world the most famous equation relating
mass and energy (E-mc2), the basis of atomic energy._____________________________

Müəllif: Zaur Abdulov

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